Medical fitness

Before diving in Poland everyone must have a medical assessment (no older than 12 months) showing that they are fit enough to dive. Some factors that may disqualify for diving are asthma, diabetes, epilepsy.

Hyperbaric units

National Center of Hyperbaric Medicine
Powstania Styczniowego 9B, 81-519 Gdynia
Tel.: +48 586225163
Fax: +48 586222789
E-mail: hyperbar@immt.gdynia.pl

Diving emergency

DAN Europe Office Polska
National Center for Hyperbaric Medicine, Institute of Maritime and Tropical Medicine
Medical University of Gdańsk
Powstania Styczniowego 9B, Gdynia 81-519
Tel.: +48 586998610
Fax: +48 586222789
E-mail: polska@daneurope.org


There are no essential vaccination requirements for Poland.