Beaches in Spain are perfect for relaxing. The country offers 4 000 km of coast, a great variety of beaches in beautiful scenery. Spain can boast 450 beaches awarded with the Blue Flag what means they are clean and safe. Everyone should find an ideal beach for water activities, parties or just lazy sunbathing. There is also a great choice of texture – white sand, golden sand, black sand, pebbles, etc. The most popular of Spanish costas include Costa del Sol, Costa de la Luz, Costa Brava, Costa Calida, Costa Dorada and Costa Blanca.


Due to Spanish rich history, culture and heritage, there is plenty to see in this country, in every region, in every city. Barcelona will impress tourists with unique architecture treasures, some masterpieces by Antoní Gaudí (including the well-known church Sagrada Familia) and lively La Rambla. The other regions will give a glimpse of flamenco, corridas (bull fights), Spanish art and culture.


People who intend to hike in Spain should remember at least two Spanish words – vías verdes (green ways). These are old railways which now serve as routes for walkers and cyclists. Hiking in beautiful Spanish scenery, unspoilt landscapes and forests may be a fantastic adventure.


Spain is a very mountainous country and thus a perfect destination for skiing. There are almost forty ski resorts in the country where people can enjoy the sport beneath the Spanish sun. The skiing season starts in the end of November and ends in spring. The most popular regions include the Aragonese Pyrenees, the Catalonia Pyrenees and Sierra Nevada. In some ski resorts there are pistes only for snowboarders.

Water sports

All water sports can be practiced in Spain. What’s more, this country is considered a windsurfing paradise but sailing, water-skiing, jet-skiing, surfing, kite surfing and canoeing are also very popular.


Recreational fishing (from the shore or from a boat) in Spain requires a fishing licence. Fishers can obtain a licence from Delegacion Provincial de la Conserjeria de Agricultura y Pesca. Some species have closed season, e.g. salmon – 19 March to 23 July, trout – 26 March to 15 June. Fresh water fishing is allowed from one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset. The fishing licence costs 90 euro.

Rock climbing

This mountainous country offers perfect conditions for rock climbing, caving and mountaineering. In the south of Spain rock climbing is possible throughout the year. Many popular locations can be found in Sierra Nevada. Federación Español de Montanísmo (Spanish Mountaineering Federation) offers information about mountaineering, as well as maps and routes.


Spain is famous for thriving nightlife – la marcha. Barcelona, Madrid and Ibiza boast the most vibrant nightlife. Clubs are often open until dawn. They offer carious types of music – from jazz, rock to popular house beats. Tourists can choose from among various places such as flamenco clubs, cabarets, discos, karaoke, etc. If one wants to experience an unique night, opera would be a fantastic option.


Besides all the activities mentioned above, Spain has much more to offer. A great idea for families will be rural activities such as bird watching, horse riding and mountain biking. Another activity in ecotourism is dolphin and whale watching. Tourist who seek something fresh and unique should try bossaball which is a sport combining volleyball, trampoline and capoeira.