United kingdom


Official name

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland




51°30’ N, 0°10’ W


United Kingdom is an island country located in Western Europe, on the islands of Britain, the northeast part of Ireland and many small islands. The country shares the only land border with Ireland and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea, the English Channel and the Irish Sea.


Total area: 244 820 sq km
Land area: 241 590 sq km
Water area: 3 230 sq km

Land boundaries

360 km


12 429 km

Administrative division

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland include England Scotland and Wales. England is divided into 9 regions which are divided into counties, districts and parishes. One of the regions is Greater London which is divided into 32 London boroughs and City of London. Northern Ireland is divided into 26 district council areas, Scotland into 32 unitary authorities and Wales into 22 unitary authorities.

Political system

United Kingdom is constitutional monarchy. Queen (or king) is the chief of state. Monarchy is hereditary. Prime Minister is the head of government and appoints the Cabinet of Ministers. Parliament is bicameral and consists of House of Lords and House of Commons, both with over 600 seats.


60 943 912

Ethnic groups

British (English, Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish) 92%, other (e.g. Indian, Pakistani) 8%


Christian 72%, Muslim 3%, Hindu 1%, other 24%