National Tourist Organisation of Albania: www.albaniantourism.com
Albanian Airlines schedules
: www.albanianair.com
Tirana International Airport: www.tirana-airport.com.al
Adria Ferries: www.adriaferries.com
Agemar schedules: www.agemar.it
Agoudimos Lines schedules: www.agoudimos-lines.com
Azzurra Line schedules: www.azzurraline.com
Ventouris Ferries schedules: www.ventouris.gr


Austria National Tourist Office: www.austria.info

Austria Guide with a Local Twist: www.tourmycountry.com
Austrian Airlines schedules: www.aua.com
Vienna International Airport: www.viennaairport.com
Innsbruck Airport: www.innsbruck-airport.com
Salzburg Airport: www.salzburg-airport.com
Klagenfurt Airport: www.klagenfurt-airport.at
Blue Danube Airport Linz: www.linz-airport.at
Graz Airport: www.flughafen-graz.at
Eurolines schedules: www.eurolines.com
National Express schedules: www.nationalexpress.com
Arge Tauchen Österreich: www.arge-tauchen.at
National Forest Administration: www.bundesforste.at


National Tourism Agency: www.belarustourism.by

The Virtual Guide to Belarus: www.belarusguide.com
Minsk International Airport: www.airport.by
Belavia schedules: www.belavia.by
Ecolines schedules: www.ecolines.net
Nordeka schedules: www.nordeka.lv
Eurolines schedules: www.eurolines.com
Vares Reisid schedules: www.varesreisid.ee


Belgian Tourist Office: www.visitbelgium.com

Brussels Zaventem Airport: www.brusselsairport.be
Brussels South Charleroi Airport: www.charleroi-airport.com
Brussels Airlines schedules: www.brusselsairlines.com
P&O Feries schedules: www.poferries.com
Transeuropa Ferries schedules: www.transeuropaferries.com
Norfolk Line schedules: www.norfolkline.com

Bosnia and Herzegovina

BH Tourism: www.bhtourism.ba
Sarajevo International Airport: www.sarajevo-airport.ba

B&H Airlines schedules: www.airbosna.ba
Eurolines schedules: www.eurolines.com
Centrotrans schedules: www.centrotrans.com


Bulgaria Travel: www.bulgariatravel.org
Bulgarian Travel Guide: www.travel-bulgaria.com
Sofia Airport: www.sofia-airport.bg
Bourgas Airport: www.bourgas-airport.bg
Bulgaria Air schedules: www.air.bg
Port of Bourgas: www.port-burgas.com
Port Varna: www.port-varna.bg
Navigation Maritime Bulgare: www.navbul.com
UKR Ferry: www.ukrferry.com
Intershipping: www.intershipping.net
Eurolines schedules: www.eurolines.com


Croatian National Tourist Board: www.croatia.hr
Croatian homepage: www.hr/english
Website about Croatia: www.croatia.com
Visit Croatia: www.visit-croatia.co.uk
Croatia – Land of thousand islands: www.croatiaemb.net
Croatia Airlines schedules: www.croatiaairlines.com


The Official Portal of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation: www.visitcyprus.com
Official website of Cyprus: www.cyprus.gov.cy
Full Cyprus Guide: www.cyprus.com
The World of Cyprus: www.kypros.org
Cyprus Travel Guide: www.cyprusexplorer.com
Cyprus Airways schedules: www.cyprusairways.com

Czech Republic

Official Website of the Czech Republic: www.czech.cz
Official Travel Site of the Czech Republic: www.czechtourism.com
My Czech Republic: www.myczechrepublic.com

Brno International Airport: www.airport-brno.cz
Prague Airport: www.csl.cz
Czech Airlines schedules: www.csa.cz
Eurolines schedules: www.bei.cz


The Official Travel Guide to Denmark: www.visitdenmark.com
The Official Website of Denmark: www.denmark.dk
Copenhagen Airport: www.cph.dk
Aarhus Airport: www.aar.dk
Billund Airport: www.billund-airport.dk
SAS schedules: www.flysas.com
Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP): www.cmport.com
Port of Esbjerg: www.portesbjerg.dk
Hanstholm Havn: www.hanstholmhavn.dk
Port of Hirtshals: www.portofhirtshals.com
Smyril Line: www.smyril-line.com
Color Line: www.colorline.no
DFDS Seaways: www.dfdsseaways.co.uk
Fjordline: www.fjordline.com
Stena Line: www.stenaline.se
Polferries: www.polferries.pl
Scandlines: www.scandlines.com
Abildskou schedules: www.abildskou.dk
Graahundbus schedules: www.graahundbus.dk
Eurolines schedules: www.eurolines.dk


Visit Estonia: www.visitestonia.com
Tallinn Airport: www.tallinn-airport.ee
Estonian Air schedules: www.estonian-air.ee
Port of Tallinn: www.portoftallinn.com
Tallink schedules: www.tallink.ee
Viking Line: www.vikingline.fi
Eckerö Line: www.esckeroline.ee
Eurolines schedules: www.eurolines.com


The Official Travel and Tourism Guide: www.visitfinland.com
Virtual Finland: www.finland.fi
Finland Travel Guide: www.finland.com
Helsinki Airport: www.helsinki-vantaa.fi
Finnish Airports: www.finavia.fi
Finnair schedules: www.finnair.com
Cunard schedules: www.cunard.com
Eckerö Line schedules: www.eckeroline.fi
Fred Olsen schedules: www.fredolsencruises.com
P&O schedules: www.cruiseline.co.uk
Princess schedules: www.princess.com
Silversea schedules: www.silversea.com
Eurolines schedules: www.eurolines.com


Fédération Française d'études et de Sports Sous-marins: www.ffessm.fr (in French)
France Travel: www.justfrance.org
French Tourism Office: www.francetourism.com
France Guide: www.franceguide.com
Air France schedules: www.airfrance.com
Airports in Paris: www.adp.fr
Airports in France: www.aeroport.fr
SpeedFerries: www.speedferries.com
SeaFrance: www.seafrance.com
P&O Ferries: www.poferries.com
Norfolkline: www.norfolkline.com
LD Lines: www.ldlines.com
SNCM: www.sncm.fr
Eurolines: www.eurolines.com


Germany Tourism: www.germany-tourism.de
Germany Travel: www.justgermany.org
Germany: www.germany.com
Frankfurt Airport: www.airport-frankfurt.de
Berlin Airport: www.berlin-airport.de
Munich Airport: www.munich-airport.de
Lufthansa schedules: www.lufthansa.com
Bremen Ports: www.bremen-ports.de
Port of Hamburg: www.hafen-hamburg.de
Rostock Port: www.rostock-port.de
Port of Kiel: www.port-of-kiel.de
DFDS Seaways: www.dfdsseaways.co.uk
Stena Line: www.stenaline.com


Greek National Tourism Organisation: www.gnto.gr
Hellenic Professional Diving Association: www.hellasdive.gr
Greek Mountaineering and Rock-Climbing Association:
Athens Airport: www.aia.gr
Olympus Airlines: www.olympicairlines.com
Superfast Ferries: www.superfast.com
Minoan Lines: www.minoan.gr
Anek Lines: www.anek.gr
Eurolines: www.eurolines.com
Hellenic Railways Organisation: www.osenet.gr


Tourism in Hungary: www.hungarytourism.hu
Budapest Airport: www.bud.hu
Malev Hungarian Airlines schedules: www.malev.com
Mahart PassNave schedules: www.mahartpassnave.hu
Volánbusz schedules: www.volanbusz.hu


Official Travel Guide to Iceland: www.icetourist.is
The Icelandic Foreign Service: www.iceland.org
Icelandic Tourist Board: www.icelandtouristboard.com
Iceland Air schedules: www.icelandair.com
Iceland Express schedules: www.icelandexpress.com
Keflavik International Airport: www.keflavikairport.com
Smyril Line schedules: www.smyril-line.com
Eimskip schedules: www.eimskip.com


Irish Underwater Council: www.cft.ie
The official site of Tourism Ireland: www.discoverireland.com
Information on the Irish State: www.gov.ie
Ireland: www.ireland.com
The Mountaineering Council of Ireland’s: www.mountaineering.ie
Irish Climbing Online: www.climbing.ie

Aer Lingus schedules: www.aerlingus.com
Belfast Airport: www.belfastairport.com
Cork Airport: www.corkairport.com
Dublin Airport: www.dublinairport.com
Shannon Airport: www.shannonairport.com
Irish Ferries: www.irishferries.com
Stena Line: www.stenline.co.uk
P&O Irish Sea Ferries: www.poirishsea.com
Dublin Port: www.dublinport.ie
Irish Rail (Iarnroid Eireann) schedules: www.irishrail.ie


Federazione Italiana Attività Subacquee: www.fias.it
Associazione Nazionale Istruttori Subacquei: www.anisweb.org
ENIT – The Italian Government Tourist Board: www.italiantourism.com
Alitalia schedules: www.alitalia.com
Alghero Airport: www.aeroportodialghero.it
Ancona Airport: www.ancona-airport.com
Airports of Bari, Brindisi, Taranto and Foggia: www.seap-puglia.it
Bologna Airport: www.bologna-airport.it
Catania Airport: www.aeroporto.catania.it
Florence Airport: www.aeroporto.firenze.it
Genoa Airport: www.airport.genova.it
Airports in Milan: www.sea-aeroportimilano.it
Naples Airport: www.gesac.it
Palermo Airport: www.gesap.it
Airports in Rome: www.adr.it
Turin Airport: www.aeroportoditorino.it
Venice Airport: www.aeroporto.fvg.it
Superfast Ferries schedules: www.superfast.com
SNAV schedules: www.snav.it
Greek Ferries schedules: www.greekferries.gr
Minoan Lines: www.minoan.gr
Virtu Ferries: www.virtuferries.com
Autorita Portuale di Ancona: www.autoritaportuale.ancona.it
Porto di Brindisi: www.porto.br.it
Autorita Portuale di Napoli: www.porto.napoli.it
Porto di Venezia: www.port.venice.it
Eurolines schedules: www.eurolines.com


Oficial Latvia Tourism Portal: www.latviatourism.lv
Latvia Online: www.li.lv
Riga Airport: www.riga-airport.com

Liepaja Airport: www.liepaja-airport.lv
Air Baltic schedules: www.airbaltic.com
Tallink schedules: www.tallink.com
SSC Ferries: www.slkferries.ee
DFDS schedules: www.dfdstorline.com
Eurolines schedules: www.eurolines.lv


Portal of the Principality of Liechtenstein: www.liechtenstein.li
Liechtenstein: www.tourismus.li
Zurich Airport: www.zurich-airport.com
Liechtenstein Bus Anstalt: www.lba.li


Lithuanian National Tourism Office: www.lithuaniatourism.co.uk
Official Gateway to Lithuania: www.lietuva.lt
Visit Lithuania: www.visitlithuania.net
Vilnius Airport: www.vilnius-airport.lt
Kaunas Airport: www.kaunasair.lt
Palanga Airport: www.palanga-airport.lt
DFDS Lisco schedules: www.dfdslisco.lt
Eurolines schedules: www.eurolines.com


Luxembourg City Tourist Office: www.lcto.lu
Luxembourg Tourist Office: www.luxembourg.co.uk

Luxembourg Airport: www.lux-airport.lu
Luxair schedules: www.luxair.lu


Exploring Macedonia – National Tourism Portal: www.exploringmacedonia.com
My Macedonia: www.mymacedonia.net
Macedonian airports: www.airports.com.mk
Macedonian Airlines schedules: www.mat.com.mk


Malta Tourism Authority: www.mta.com.mt
Visit Malta: www.visitmalta.com
Portal for The Maltese Islands: www.malta.com
Explore Malta: www.explore-malta.com
Gozo: www.gozo.gov.mt
Gozo.com: www.gozo.com
Air Malta schedules: www.airmalta.com
Virtu Ferries: www.virtuferries.com
Gozo Channel Company: www.gozochannel.com
Harbour Air Malta: www.harbourairmalta.com
Maltese transport: www.maltatransport.com


The Official Website of Moldova: www.moldova.md
World of Moldova: www.worldofmoldova.com
Moldova: www.turism.md
Moldova’s Best International Gateway: www.moldova.org
Chisinau International Airport: www.airport.md
Air Moldova schedules: www.airmoldova.md
Moldavian Airlines schedules: www.mdv.md


Visit Montenegro: www.visit-montenegro.com
Montenegro Travel: www.montenegro.travel
Airports of Montenegro: www.montenegroairports.com
Montenegro Airlines schedules: www.montenegroairlines.com
Port of Bar: www.lukabar.me
Porto of Kotor: www.portofkotor.cg.yu
Montenegro Lines: www.montenegrolines.net


The Official Website of Holland: www.holland.com
Amsterdam.info: www.amsterdam.info
I amsterdam: www.iamsterdam.com
The Official Website of The Hague: www.denhaag.com
Schiphol airport: www.schiphol.nl
KLM schedules: www.klm.com
Stena Line schedules: www.stenaline.co.uk
P&O Ferries schedules: www.poferries.com
DFDS Seaways schedules: www.dfdsseaways.co.uk
Eurolines schedules: www.eurolines.com


Norway – the official site: www.norway.info
Visit Norway – Official travel guide to Norway: www.visitnorway.com
Norway.com: www.norway.com
Norwegian Association of Dive Operators (NADO): www.nado.no
Oslo International Airport: www.osl.no
Norwegian airports: www.avinor.no
Norwegian Air schedules: www.norwegian.no
Port of Bergen: www.bergenhavn.no
Port of Oslo: www.oslohavn.no
Port of Kristiansand: www.kristiansandhavn.no
Great Stavanger Port: www.stavanger-havn.no
Color Line schedules: www.colorline.com
DFDS schedules: www.dfdsseaways.co.uk
Fjord Line schedules: www.fjordline.no
Smyril Line: www.smyril-line.no
Eurolines: www.eurolines.com
Swebus Express: www.swebusexpress.se
Säfflebussen: www.safflebussen.se
Norwegian State Railways: www.nsb.no


Poland’s Official Travel Website: www.poland.travel
Warsaw Airport: www.lotnisko-chopina.pl
Kraków Airport: www.krakowairport.pl
Wroc³aw Airport: www.airport.wroclaw.pl
Katowice Airport: www.katowice-airport.com
Gdańsk Airport: www.airport.gdansk.pl
LOT schedules: www.lot.com
Port of Gdańsk: www.portgdansk.pl
Port of Gdynia: www.port.gdynia.pl
Polferries schedules: www.polferries.pl
Veolia Eurolines schedules: www.veolia-eurolines.pl


Federação Portuguesa de Actividades Subaquáticas: www.fpas.pt
Government agency Investments, Trade and Tourism of Portugal: www.portugal.org
Portugal Official Tourism Website: www.visitportugal.com
Portugal Guide: www.portugal.com
Airports in Portugal: www.ana-aeroportos.pt
TAP Air Portugal schedules: www.flytap.com
Funchal sea port: www.portosdamadeira.com
Leixões sea port: www.apdl.pt
Lisbon sea port: www.portodelisboa.com
ALSA schedules: www.alsa.es
Avanza schedules: www.avanzabus.com
Eva schedules: www.eva-bus.com


Official Travel Information: www.romaniatourism.com
Romania WebDirectory: www.romania.org

Bucharest Airport: www.otp-airport.ro
Arad Airport: www.aeroportularad.ro
Cluj Napoca Airport: www.airportcluj.ro
Sibiu Airport: www.sibiuairport.ro
Timisoara Airport: www.aerotim.ro
Tarom schedules: www.tarom.ro
Port of Constanta: www.portofconstantza.com
Eurolines schedules: www.eurolines.com


Russian National Tourism Office: www.russia-travel.com
Visit Russia: www.visitrussia.org.uk
Moscow Airport: www.domodedovo.ru
St. Petersburg Airport: www.pulkovoairport.ru
Aeroflot schedules: www.aeroflot.ru
Eurolines schedules: www.eurolines.ru


National Tourism Organisation of Serbia: www.serbia.travel
Belgrade Airport: www.beg.aero
Niš Airport: www.airportnis.co.yu
Jat Airways schedules: www.jat.com


National Tourism Portal of Slovakia: www.slovakia.travel
Your Guide to Slovakia: www.slovensko.com
Travel Guide & Information for Tourists: www.slovakia.org
Bratislava Airport: www.letiskobratislava.sk
Košice Airport: www.airportkosice.sk
Air Slovakia website: www.airslovakia.sk
Mahart PassNave schedules: www.mahartpassnave.hu
Slovak Lines – Eurolines schedules: www.slovaklines.sk


Slovenia: www.slovenia.si
Official Travel Guide: www.slovenia.info
Ljubljana Airport: www.lju-airport.si
Adria Airways schedules: www.adria-airways.com
Luka Koper: www.luka-kp.si
Venezia Lines schedules: www.venezialines.com
Ustica Lines schedules: www.usticalines.it


Spain Tourism: www.spain.info
Spain Travel Guide: www.justspain.org
Federación Española de Actividades Subacuáticas: www.fedas.es
Federación Española de Montanísmo: www.fedme.es
Iberia schedules: www.iberia.com
Spanish airports: www.aena.es
Autoridade Portuaria de Barcelona: www.abp.es
Puerto de Cadiz: www.puertocadiz.com
Puerto de Santander: www.puertosantander.es
Valencia Port: www.valenciaport.com
Autoridade Portuaria de Vigo: www.apvigo.com
ALSA schedules: www.alsa.es
Metro de Madrid: www.metromadrid.es


The official gateway to Sweden: www.sweden.se
Visit Sweden: www.visitsweden.com

Swedish airports: www.lfv.se
SAS schedules: www.sas.se
Port of Gothenburg: www.portgot.se
Port of Sundsvalls: www.sundsvallshamn.se
Port of Hargs: www.hargshamn.se
Port of Trelleborg: www.trelleborgshamn.se
Polferries schedules: www.polferries.pl
Scandlines schedules: www.scandlines.se
Tallink schedules: www.tallinksilja.com
TT-Line schedules: www.ttline.com
Viking Line schedules: www.vikingline.fi
Eurolines schedules: www.eurolines.se


Switzerland Tourism: www.myswitzerland.com
Switzerland’s Information Portal: www.swissworld.org
Zurich Airport: www.zurich-airport.com
Geneva Airport: www.gva.ch
Bern Airport: www.alpar.ch
EuroAirport Basel: www.euroairport.com
Swiss International Air Lines schedules: www.swiss.com
Alsa-Eggmann schedules: www.alsa-eggmann.ch


Turkish Underwater Sports Federation: www.tssf.gov.tr
Ministry of Culture and Tourism: www.kultur.gov.tr
Turkish Tourism: www.tourismturkey.org
Learn more about Turkey: www.about-turkey.com
Turkish Airlines schedules: www.thy.com
Atatürk International Airport: www.ataturkairport.com
Esenboga Airport: www.esenbogaairport.com
İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport: www.adnanmenderesairport.com
Antalya Airport: www.aytport.com
Dalaman Airport: www.atmairport.aero
Marmara Lines schedules: www.marmaralines.com
Turkish Maritime Lines schedules: www.tdi.com.tr
Akgünler Denizcilik schedules: www.akgunler.com.tr
Fergün Denizcilik schedules: www.fergun.net
UKR Ferry: www.ukrferry.com
Ulusoy schedules: www.ulusoy.com.tr
Varan schedules: www.varan.com.tr


The Ukraine Channel: www.ukraine.com
Kiev Borispol International Airport: www.airport-borispol.kiev.ua

Ukraine International Airlines schedules: www.ukraine-international.com
Aerosvit Airlines schedules: www.aerosvit.ua
UKR Ferry schedules: www.ukrferry.com
Eurolines schedules: www.eurolines.com

United Kingdom

British Foreign & Commonwealth Office: www.fco.gov.uk
The official website for English tourism: www.enjoyengland.com
The official online gateway to Scotland: www.scotland.org
The official site of Scotland’s national tourism organisation: www.visitscotland.com
Visit Wales Official Site: www.visitwales.com
British Airways schedules: www.britishairways.com
Aberdeen Airport: www.aberdeenairport.com
Anglesey Airport: www.angleseyairport.com

Belfast Airport: www.belfastairport.com
Birmingham Airport: www.bhx.co.uk
Edinburgh Airport: www.edinburghairport.com
Glasgow Airport: www.glasgowairport.com
Glasgow Prestwick Airport: www.glasgowprestwick.com
Leeds Airport: www.leedsbradfordairport.co.uk
Liverpool John Lennon Airport: www.liverpoolairport.com
London Heathrow Airport: www.heathrowairport.com
London Gatwick Airport: www.gatwickairport.com
London Luton Airport: www.london-luton.co.uk
Manchester Airport: www.manchasterairport.co.uk
Newcastle Airport: www.newcastleairport.com
Brittany ferries schedules: www.brittany-ferries.co.uk
DFDS Seaways schedules: www.dfdsseaways.co.uk
P&O Ferries: www.poferries.com
Stena Line: www.stenaline.co.uk
Port of Dover: www.doverport.co.uk
Harwich International Port: www.harwich.co.uk
Port of Holyhead: www.holyheadport.com
Portsmouth port: www.portsmouth-port.co.uk