Denmark has a long coastline and is famous not only for the beautiful sandy beaches but also for over 200 beaches that were awarded the Blue Flag. One can choose from among sheltered and more crowded beaches, ideal for surfing or family picnics.


Denmark has a rich history and the world’s oldest monarchy. Thus, sightseeing in this country may be really exciting for history enthusiasts. There are about 600 castles to see in Denmark, as well as hundreds of museums and art galleries, many ancient monuments, buildings and ruins. All attractions in such a small country. Only in Copenhagen one can admire a rich collection of historic and modern architecture, the Royal Castle and the main square.


Hiking is a great way to explore the country and gives an opportunity to discover diverse landscape and be in close contact with nature. There are many well-marked routes and trails, long- and short-distance, suitable for beginners and more advanced hikers.


Many people are not aware that Denmark also offers opportunities for skiing, although the mountains are not higher than 100 m. Enthusiasts of downhill skiing, cross-country skiing and snowboarding won’t be disappointed.

Water sports

Danish coastline, fjords, lakes and rivers offer perfect conditions for all kinds of water sports – canoeing, kayaking, kitesurfing, windsurfing, boating and yachting.


Fishing in Denmark requires a license. One can buy a license for a day, a week or a year (prices range from 30 to 125 DKK). They can be purchased from a post office, a tourist office or a tackle-shop. It is possible to fish for seatrout, pike, bream, perch, zander, carp and many other fish species.

Rock climbing

Denmark can’t boast high mountains nor perfect conditions for rock climbing. However, enthusiasts of this sport may enjoy climbing on the rocky island Bornholm. There are a few routes and many facilities for indoor rock climbing.


In every major city one can find a variety of clubs, venues and restaurants. Clubbing starts late, usually around midnight, and lasts till dawn. In many venues one can listen to live music – from jazz to rock.


Other activities popular in Denmark include cycling, playing golf and horse riding. When one travels with kids, a visit in Legoland is a nice idea.