Luxembourg has a dozens of interesting sites. In Luxemburg-Ville one should see the Palais Grand Ducal (the official residence of the Grand Duke’s), the Place Guillaume and the Notre Dame Cathedral. There are also numerous museums and galleries in the capital. Besides the astonishing city of Luxembourg-Ville, there are many picturesque villages and enchanting towns such as Clervaux or Echternach.


Luxembourg is often called the green heart of Europe thanks to many forests. Thus, it can be a great destination for hikers. There are numerous well-marked trails and routes with the most popular located in the Ardennes.


When there is enough snow the Ardennes offer decent opportunities for winter sports such as downhill skiing, cross-country skiing or snowboarding.

Water sports

Although Luxembourg is a landlocked country, one can practice water sports in rivers and lakes (for example, the Upper Sûre Lake in the Upper Sûre National Park). Popular water sports in this area include swimming, sailing, windsurfing, water-skiing, etc.


Fishing in Luxembourg is allowed only in designated areas and requires a fishing license. The license can be obtained from the local authorities.

Rock climbing

The Ardennes, in the north of the country, offer great opportunities for rock climbing. There are routes for all levels of climbers.


Luxembourg has a vibrant nightlife. In major towns there are pubs, restaurants, concert halls, jazz clubs, dance clubs and theatres.


Other popular activities in Luxembourg include cycling, wine tasting and playing golf.