Finding a perfect beach in Norway shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. This country can boast a beautiful and clean coast. There are numerous white sandy beaches as well as rocky and pebble beaches. The western coast is colder than the eastern part. There are 20 beaches for nudists. 5 beaches in Norway were awarded the Blue Flag.


Norway is famous for its beautiful fjords, lakes and mountains. However, the country offers an unique combination of pure nature and charming cities. The capital offers tens of museums, art galleries and other places of cultural interest. The top sites include Vikingskipshuset (the Viking Ship Museum), Vigelandsparken (the Vigeland Sculpture Park), Akershus festning (Akershus Fortress) and Nobels Fredssenter (the Nobel Peace Centre).


Norway offers fantastic opportunities for hikers. Trails and routes are well-marked and the amazing Norwegian scenery will delight all visitors. The landscape is diverse and thus everyone will find an ideal destination for hiking – in forests, fjords or in the mountains. Walking on glaciers may be an unforgettable experience.


Norway offers great skiing conditions, hundreds of ski resorts and thousands kilometers of tracks (about 30.000 km). Moreover, skiing on the Norwegian slopes gives unforgettable experiences thanks to beautiful unspoiled scenery across the country. The most popular ski destination include Geilo, Kvitfjell, Hemsedal, Lillehammer and Trysil. Winter season starts in November and ends in May. Norway offers perfect conditions for all abilities and preferences. Many of the slopes are illuminated what makes night skiing possible. Snowboarding is also very popular in Norway. There are special zones, sometimes with half-pipes, prepared for snowboarders.

Water sports

Water sports lovers will love Norway for its great opportunities and numerous lakes, rushing rivers, fjords and sea. One can go for canoeing, kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, rafting and scuba diving. Weather the choice will be some extreme adventure or something more relaxed, practicing any sport in Norway will be marvelous thanks to crystal clear waters and charming landscapes.


Fishing is extremely popular in Norway. Rivers and lakes offer salmon, trout, red char, pike, perch and eel. The Norwegian coast also offers fantastic opportunities and such common species as cod, coalfish or mackerel. Freshwater fishing in Norway requires a national fishing license which can be obtained at any post office. Fishing with live bait is not allowed. The season starts in June and lasts to August. Ice fishing may be a great experience but requires patience and warm clothes. Regulations for ice fishing are the same as for freshwater fishing.

Rock climbing

Norway is famous for its mountains and has a long tradition of rock climbing. Granite mountains combined with deep fjords create magnificent views. Besides hundreds of great outdoor climbing areas there are numerous centers with indoors walls. There are routes for all levels and abilities. Rock climbing is very pleasant in the pristine scenery. The Norwegian take care of the environment and do their best to keep their land clean. There are also fantastic opportunities for ice climbing in Norway.


Nightlife in Norway is very lively, especially in major towns. Oslo offers plenty of bars (including piano bars and wine bars), clubs and discos. Both Norwegian and foreigners visit clubs not only for drinks but also for atmosphere and conversation. Going out to a popular place on weekends often means standing in long queues. Some of them stay open until early morning. For those who prefer more sophisticated ways of spending evening there are theatres, opera, cinemas and cabarets.


Weather one prefers active holidays or simply relaxing, Norway offers great opportunities for everyone. Besides propositions mentioned above there are tens of popular activities. Many of them involve contact with nature – such as horse riding and cycling. It is also a good idea to experience Norwegian tradition, culture, music and dance. But many people come to Norway just to find peace and relax.