Sweden has numerous beautiful beaches, picturesque coastal towns and villages and fine beach resorts. There are both sandy and rocky beaches, perfect for sun worshippers, enthusiasts of water sports and families seeking a sheltered place to relax. The most popular beaches in Sweden include Böda on the island of Öland; Sudersand in Gotland; and Smedsuddsbadet and Långholmsbadet in Stockholm. Beside the impressive coast, Sweden has also more than 90 000 lakes.


Sweden is a great tourist destination. It is a picturesque country with plenty of attractions – wild nature, historical cities and numerous interesting sights. In the capital one should visit the charming Old Town (Gamla Stan), walk along cobbled streets and see beautiful historic buildings, including the residence of the Swedish Parliament and the Royal Palace. Other attractions in Stockholm include the Drottningholm Palace, the Nordic Museum, the Waldemarsudde House, the Historical Museum and the National Museum. Other Swedish towns that are worth visiting include Gothenburg and Malmö.

Hiking and rock climbing

Sweden is a paradise for hikers as it has hundreds of hiking and climbing trails for all levels of hikers and climbers. The popular destinations for these activities include Laponia (World Heritage Site), Abisko, Bergslagen, Gotland, the High Coast and the Sarek National Park.


Sweden is a fantastic destination for winter holidays. Beside traditional skiing it is possible to enjoy snowboarding, dog and reindeer sledding, snow mobiling, etc. The snow season lasts from January to April. Swedish ski resorts are world-known, for example Åre or Riksgränsen.

Water sports

Sweden’s coast and its numerous lakes offer great opportunities for water activities such as diving, sailing, cruising, canoeing, windsurfing and water skiing.


Fishing in Sweden requires a license. No special permits are required for fishing from the sea shore and from the shores of lakes Vänern, Vättern, Mälaren, Storsjön and Hjälmaren. One can fish for bream, grayling, pike, perch roach, salmon, trout and many other fish species.


Sweden has an exciting and diverse nightlife. In major cities one can find jazz clubs, discos, clubs with live music, casinos, restaurants, pubs and bars. There are also numerous cinemas and theatres.


Besides activities mentioned above, Sweden has much more to offer. One can also go for cycling, playing golf or horse riding.