kuna (HRK)

Official languages



GMT + 1


Calling code



Area codes

Bakar: 51, Dubrovnik: 20, Pula: 52, Rijeka: 51, Split: 21, Varazdin: 42, Zadar: 23, Zagreb: 1.


Internet TLD



Generally shops are open from 8am-8pm. On Saturdays and Sundays shops are closed before 2pm.


National holidays

New Year’s Day                  January 1
Epiphany   January 6
Easter   movable feast
Labour Day   May 1
Corpus Christi
  movable feast
Day of Antifascist Resistance   June 22
Statehood Day   June 25
Victory Day   August 5
National Thanksgiving Day   August 5
Feast of Assumption   August 15
Independence Day   October 8
All Saint’s Day   November 1
Christmas   December 25 & 26

National dish

Čevapčiči – grilled minced meat, of ten with herbs and onion

Pljeskavica – a hamburger made from lamb, pork and beef, grilled with onion

Dalmatinski prsut a paski sir – an air dried cured ham with sheep cheese

Buzara lobsters stewed in to mate sauce with onion and herbs

Sarma – minced meat with local herbs rolled into cabbage leaves

Manistra – hearty soup made from beans and fresh maize, with bacon and smoked meat

Pasticada – Dalmatian stewed beef

Rozata – Dalmatian pudding made from eggs, caramel, milk and liquor



Croatia’s electricity runs on 220V/50Hz.



European, US and Australian citizens do not need visa for entry into Croatia (for stays of up to 90 days). Only a valid passport is required.


Useful numbers

Ambulance: 94

Emergency: 112

Fire Brigade: 93

Police: 92