The Czech Republic is a landlocked country but it is not deprived of beaches. Numerous Czech lakes are surrounded by beautiful sandy and grassy beaches. The most popular lakes and artificial water reservoirs include Lipno and Orlik in the Southern Bohemia, and Máchovo Jezero in the Northern Bohemia.


There is a plenty to see in the Czech Republic. In Prague and other major cities one can admire a collection of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance buildings. In the capital, a saunter down the famous Charles Bridge is a must. Also, the beautiful Old Town (UNESCO World Heritage Site) is really worth visiting. Other towns that are recommended to tourists include Český Krumlov, an astonishing town with famous castle and lovely square, and Kutné Hoře with the ancient silver mine.


There are hundreds of well-marked hiking routes and trails in the Czech Republic. One of the most famous is the Czech Greenways, actually the Prague-Vienna Greenways – an old restored trading route. Hiking is a great way to discover the beautiful natural scenery.


Although the country doesn’t have really high mountains and can’t compete with the Alpine slopes, skiing is a popular activity in the Czech Republic. The most famous and the best ski resorts are located in the Krkonoše range, near the Czech-Polish border.

Water sports

Czech lakes and rivers offer great conditions for water sports such as yachting, windsurfing, pedal boating, rafting and water skiing.


In the Czech waters there are over 60 fish species, including bass carp, catfish, eel, pike, perch and trout. Fishing is allowed all year round, except fishing for trout which is allowed from 15th March to the end of November. Fishing requires a permit.

Rock climbing

The country is not particularly famous for climbing, however, it offers pretty good conditions. It is possible to climb on various surfaces (limestone, sandstone, granite). Climbers of all levels should find crags and walls suitable to their skills and needs.


The Czech Republic has a diverse night life. The wide range of attractions include dance clubs, jazz clubs, frequent concerts, bars and restaurants. Another great way of spending the evening is attending a show at the Czech Philharmonic or watching a play in one of many theatres.