Finland has many beautiful sandy and rocky beaches. But their main advantage is the fact that they are pristine and unspoiled. They are also appreciated by tourists for being safe and for the good water quality. The most popular include Hietaniemi Beach in Helsinki, beaches on the Suomenlinna Island and Yyteri Beach on the west coast.


Finland’s cities offer numerous attractions for visitors. In Helsinki one can admire many historical sights, lively seafront Market Square and various museums and galleries, for example the Children’s Museum, Finlandia Hall, the Finnish Natural History Museum and the Helsinki City Museum. Also, Turku, the oldest city in Finland, is worth visiting. It has numerous historical buildings with the famous medieval Turku Castle and the Cathedral.


When hiking in Finland one can admire beautiful scenery, unspoiled forests, picturesque valleys and lakes. There are numerous routes and trails both in the wildest parts of Finland, as well as near major towns.


Skiing is the national sport of the Finns. Finland is a paradise for skiers and a top destination for the enthusiasts of winter sports. The ski season begins in early November and lasts until May. There are dozens of gentle slopes for beginners and steeper slopes for the more experienced skiers. Ski resorts are of very good quality and the slopes are kept in great condition. The major ski resorts in the northern Finland include: Pallastunturi, Saariselkä, Pallas, Levi, Ylläs (the longest slope in Lapland) and Luosto/Pyhä; in the south: Himos and Lahti; and in the central part of the country: Rovaniemi, Ruka, Iso-Syöte, Vuokatti, Koli (the longest slope in central Finland) and Tahko.

Water sports

Finland’s numerous lakes and rivers offer great opportunities for canoeing and kayaking. Also, boating and sailing are popular, especially in the warmest part of the country Åland Islands, the archipelago at the entrance of the Gulf of Bothnia.


Finland’s water offer excellent opportunities for anglers. The pure waters of Finland are teeming with life and one can fish for various species of trout, arctic char, grayling, salmon, whitefish, and many other. Fishing requires a license (except pole fishing and ice fishing). Fishing licenses can be purchased from post offices and banks. The prices range from 5 euro per week to 15 euro per year.

Rock climbing

The highest peaks in Finland and the most picturesque areas for climbing are Saana Fell (1 029 m) and Haltia Fell (1 328 m). However, there are many more interesting crags and walls waiting for the enthusiasts of climbers.


Finland has an exciting nightlife. Some clubs don’t open before 10pm and many remain open until the early morning hours. Every major city offers a wide variety of venues where one can talk, socialize, drink and dance. There are also regular performances in the operas, cinemas and theatres.


When visiting Helsinki, it is a good idea to take a walk in Helsinki Zoo which hosts over 200 different animal species from all over the world. Another place to have a nice time with the family is Linnanmäki Amusement Park. Motor sports enthusiasts shouldn’t miss the World Rally Championship which takes place in August every year in Jyväskylä, in Finland. Finally, if one likes close contact with nature, reindeer-watching is a good idea.