Liechtenstein is a landlocked country. The only beaches are located along the bank of the Rhine.


Although Liechtenstein is a tiny country, it offers many tourist attraction. In Vaduz, for example, one should see the medieval castle, Schloss Vaduz, and some of the famous museums such as the National Museum, the Liechtenstein Art Museum and the Ski Museum.


Liechtenstein is a paradise for hikers. There are dozens of well-marked and prepared routes in the beautiful scenery. There are also numerous theme trails such as historical trails or Walser legends trail.


Liechtenstein, like neighbouring Austria and Switzerland, offers great opportunities for winter sports such as downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, sledding and ice skating. The main and the most popular ski resorts are Malbun and Steg.


Fishing in Liechtenstein requires a fishing permit (daily, weekly or yearly). One can fish in rivers and artificial ponds. The principal fishing is for brown trout, rainbow trout and grayling.

Rock climbing

Most of the country is located in the Alps and thus, it offers great opportunities for rock climbing. There are routes for all levels of climbers, including several demanding routes.


The country offers a wide variety of places for entertainment. There are numerous restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Liechtenstein is also famous for finest cuisine and wine culture.


Liechtenstein offers dozens of leisure activities. Besides those mentioned above, other popular activities include cycling, paragliding, playing golf and tennis.