There are numerous interesting sites worth visiting in Macedonia. This country is rich in cultural heritage and there are many places of rich history dating back to the ancient times. In Skopje one should visit the beautiful Old Town (Stara Carsija). There are also many mosques, churches and museums (such as the Museum of Macedonia).


Hiking in Macedonia and in its mountain massifs may be an unforgettable experience. The popular areas for hiking are the national parks of Pelister, Galicica and Mavrovo.


Macedonia, as a mountainous country with heavy snowfall in winter, can be an attractive destination for ski holidays. The best conditions are in Bistra and Shara Mountains.


Fishing in Macedonia is possible in lakes and rivers. One can fish for such species as eel, carp, trout and catfish. It is prohibited to fish with nets, guns or explosives. Fishing permit per one day costs 100 denars.

Rock climbing

Macedonia is a mountainous country and offers a wide range of possibilities for rock climbers. One can climb on limestone and granite rocks in a picturesque unspoiled scenery. The number of climbing routes is gradually increasing.


Macedonia has a diverse nightlife. It offers a wide range of venues to suit the needs and preferences of visitors and locals. There are dozens of places where people can eat, drink, dance, relax and socialize – restaurants, bars, jazz clubs, nightclubs, etc.


Other interesting activities while visiting Macedonia are wine tasting and shopping at Turkish bazaars.