There are dozens of tourist attractions in Moldova, many old town and sites of historical interest. Places worth visiting in Chisinau include the Pushkin House, the Christ Cathedral, the Armenian Cemetery, the Jewish Cemetery and the main street – Stefan cel Mare Boulevard. There are also many interesting museums such as Fine Arts Museum or History and Regional Lore Musuem.


There are many well-marked hiking routes and trails in Moldova. The most popular areas among hikers include Balanesti, unique area of One Hundred Knolls and Tipova Canyon.

Water sports

Although Moldova is a landlocked country, it is possible to practice water sports in rivers and lakes, for example in the Chisinau Lake or the Dniester River. One can enjoy swimming, boating, kayaking and other water sports.


Fishing in Moldova is possible in lakes and rivers. Carp is a popular catch.


Moldova has a diverse and exciting nightlife. There are many nightspots where people can relax, socialize, eat and taste Moldova’s wines. In the capital there are also theatres, concert halls and an opera house.


Besides the activities mentioned above, there are many more opportunities in Moldova. One can go for cycling, bird watching, relaxing in thermal spas, etc.