In the Netherlands one can find both white, quiet beaches and busy seaside resorts. Some of the popular resorts are Breskens, Bloemendaal, Zandvoort and Scheveningen.


Holland offers a wide range of tourist attractions. There are many beautiful towns as well as dozens of famous Dutch gardens. Amsterdam is the most popular among tourists as it has countless attractions – museums, galleries, diverse architecture, parks and the red light district. The Hague, seat of the government and royalty, can also boast a number of attractions such as the Queen Beatrix’ palaces, Madurodam (a miniature city), and museums (e.g. the Mauritshuis, the Escher Museum, the Gemeente museum). There are also several UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Netherlands, including the famous mills at Kinderdijk and the Rietveld Schröder House in Utrecht. If beaches, sights in the capital and the UNESCO Heritage Sites are not enough, one can visit one of 300 Dutch castles.


There are hundreds of hiking routes and trails. Discovering Holland on foot allows visitors to see the country from a different perspective, to see windmills, the medieval architecture and magnificent nature.


Holland is not a mountainous country, however, it is possible to go skiing there. There is a Montana snow center, located near Belgian border, where one can go skiing or snowboarding all year round. The center offers opportunities for all levels.

Water sports

The Dutch coast is well equipped for water activities such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing and many others.


Fishing in the Netherlands requires a license (visaskte) and a permit (visvergunning). Both can be obtained from post offices, tourist offices, fishing clubs and shops. Fishing permit is not required when one intends to fish in public waterways. Night fishing is allowed from June 1 to August 31.


Holland is a paradise for cyclists, with numerous cycle routes in cities, along rivers, along the coastline or in the woods. Bicycles can be hired almost everywhere.


Nightlife in the Netherlands is exciting and diverse. There is a wide range of opportunities and hundreds of nightspots such as theatres, cinemas, bars, cafes, casinos and clubs.


Holland is also famous for flower markets and auctions (e.g. in Aalsmeer, Amsterdam, Delft or Utrecht).