euro (EUR)

Official languages

Castilian Spanish; Catalan, Galician and Basque are official regionally


GMT + 1

Calling code


Area codes

Barcelona: 3, Madrid: 1, Seville: 95, Cordoba: 957, Malaga: 95, Valencia: 96, Saragossa: 976, Bilbao: 94

Internet TLD



Generally stores are open Monday–Saturday from 9am to 8pm in winter season. In summer season shops are open even to 8.30 or 9pm. Smaller shops often take a siesta between 1:30pm and 4:30pm. Shopping malls are open from 10am to 10pm Monday–Saturday. In December shopping malls are open also on Sundays.

National holidays

New Year’s Day   January 1
Epiphany   January 6
Easter   movable feast
Labour Day   May 1
Assumption Day   August 15
Hispanic Day   October 12
All Saints Day   November 1
Constitution Day   December 6
Day of the Imaculate Conception   December 8
Christmas   December 25 & 26

National dish

Paella – a rice (or pasta) dish with shellfish, chicken and vegetables
Tortilla de patatas – an egg omelette with potatoes
Gazpacho – a cold soup made of tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, peppers and herbs
Arroz con leche – a typical Spanish dessert, ‘rice with milk’ made with sugar and lemon peel
Churros – a Spanish doughnut
Fabada – a bean stew made of pork, sausage, saffron and white beans


Spain’s electricity runs on 220V/50Hz.


European Union, US, Canadian and Australian citizens do not need visa nor return ticket for entry into Spain. Only a valid passport is required. Citizens of EU need only a valid national ID Card.

Useful Numbers

Emergency: 112
Hospital Emergencies: 061
National Police: 091
Local Police: 092
Civil Guard: 062
Fire Brigade - Madrid: 91 588 91 11, Barcelona: 93 291 53 53, Ibiza: 97 131 30 30, San Antonio: 97 132 26 61