Ukraine’s Black Sea coastline is beautiful, diverse and perfect for summer holidays. The main resorts are Odessa, Mariupol, Yalta, Yevpatoriya, Sevastopol, Feodosiya and Kerch. There are free and paid beaches.


Kiev offers numerous tourist attractions such as Pechersk Lavra – the Caves Monastery, the oldest Orthodox monastery in Ukraine; two beautiful cathedrals – St. Vladimir’s and St. Sophia’s; the main street in Kiev – Kreshatyk and the Independence Square; the baroque Mariyinskiy Palace and the Ukrainian Montmartre – Andreevski Spusk. There is also a plenty to see in other Ukrainian cities.

Hiking and rock climbing

Ukraine is a great destination for climbers and hikers in spring and summer. There are numerous routes and trails suitable for all levels, however very often they are not well-marked. Thus, it is good to have a local guide who knows the area or to ask locals for directions. The Carpathian Mountains is a very popular destination for such activities.


There are many places to go skiing in Ukraine and skiing in this country is really cheap, when compared to Western Europe. The ski season lasts from January to March. The main ski resorts are Bukovel, Slavsko, Tysovets and Drahobrat.

Water sports

Water sports are very popular, especially on the Ukraine’s Black Sea coast. One can try rowing, diving, waterskiing, wakeboarding, sailing and many other water activities.


Nightlife in Ukraine is pretty vibrant in bigger cities where one can find discos, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, theatres and cinemas. Many nightspots open late, around midnight.


Other popular activities include cycling, tasting Crimean wine and Ukrainian cuisine.