Beaches are one of the great attractions of the country. It should not be a problem for anyone to find a perfect and alluring beach within over 13 kilometres of Greek coastline. There are plenty of large and popular pebble beaches, as well as long sandy white beaches. In almost all parts of Greece one will find tiny, discreet beaches surrounded by rocks, cliffs and trees. Topless is allowed almost everywhere in Greece. Total nudism is acceptable on many Greek islands.


There are thousands of historical sites and other sightseeing places in Greece and on the Greek islands. This country is the cradle of western culture and civilization. The museums and art galleries display ancient and modern exhibits. The Acropolis in Athens is a must but in other parts of the country one will find lots of excellent historical sites.


Greece is a paradise for hikers as it has abundant mountain trails, ancient paths and cobbled lanes. Both adventurous hikers, as well as beginners will find a suitable path for their skills.


Yes, it is possible to ski in Greece. What’s more, it would be unthinkable not to use all the Greek mountains in a proper way. The season starts in December and ends in April. The most popular ski destinations in Greece include Kalavrita and Mount Menalo on Peloponessos, Parnassos in central Greece, and Mount Olympos in Thessaly.

Water sports

Water sports lovers will enjoy crystal clear waters in Greece and perfect wind conditions for kitesurfing, windsurfing and sailing. The best destination for these sports is the Aegan Sea (with the Meltemi winds) and the Ionian Sea (with Maistro winds). Greece is also a wonderful place to practice other water sports such as water skiing, canoeing, jet skiing, snorkeling and diving.


Sport-fishing in a boat requires a fishing licence. It can be obtained from local port authorities. Citizens of European Union countries are obliged to submit two photographs, a photocopy of their passport and their tax roll number. The licence costs 26 euro.

Rock climbing

Besides Greek mountains there is also a possibility of artificial climbing in many schools. For information about the conditions in the mountains, the paths and excursions one should check the website of Greek Mountaineering and Rock-Climbing Association.


Nightlife in Greece is hectic and intense. Parties start around 10 or 11 and last till the early morning. Many bars are also open all night long. Clubs offer various kinds of music – pop, rock, jazz and trance, Greek and international. One can easily find locals playing live Greek music (e.g. rebetiko) in every city. Whether one wants to start with dinner or couple of drinks, they can easily find their own style.


No matter if one wish to spend lazy days on the beach or to do something more extreme, everything is accessible in this diverse country. Besides the activities given above, there are hundreds of things to do in Greece – parachuting, rafting, horse riding, wine tasting, learning about Greek culture, bird watching and many others.