Although Hungary is a landlocked country, it has many beautiful beaches. The most popular holiday destination in the country is undoubtedly Lake Balaton, sometimes called the “Hungarian Sea.” Besides Lake Balaton, there are numerous beaches on lakes and rivers and also dozens of aquaparks and pool complexes which are called ‘beaches’. Hungary is famous for thermals springs and medicinal baths.


Hungary has plenty to offer for visitors interested in history and culture. Budapest, the capital divided by the Danube River, is famous for the Buda Royal Castle (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and astonishing bridges that link Buda and Pest. There are also numerous museums and other tourist attractions in the city. Besides Budapest, there are dozens of interesting towns and villages in Hungary. These include Hollókõ, an old ethnographic village, and Tokaj, the famous region where Tokaj wine is produced (both are UNESCO World Heritage Sites).


Hiking is the best way to explore the natural attractions of the country. Hiking routes and trails (turistautak) are plentiful. Many of them are located in the national parks, including Bugac-Puszta and Bükk Hills.


Hungary lacks high mountains and has rather low annual snowfall. Thus, it is not a perfect destination for ski holidays. However, if one visits Hungary in winter and it is snowing, they can try winter sports on one of the 30 ski pistes. The closest ski resort to Budapest is Dobogókõ which is the oldest ski resort in the country.

Water sports

Hungarian lakes and rivers offer a wide variety of opportunities for water sports enthusiasts. One can enjoy sailing, surfing, waterskiing, canoeing, pedaling and many other water sports.


Fishing in Hungary requires a ‘state angling ticket’ and a fishing permit. These can be obtained from angling associations, angler’s shops or ticket-office by the water. In order to obtain the ‘state angling ticket’ one has to present their national angling certificate. In Hungarian waters one can fish for such species as asp, barbell, bream, carp, perch, pike and roach. The most popular fishing destination in Hungary are Lake Balaton and Tisza River.

Rock climbing

Hungary is certainly not a mountainous country but determined climbers may find some crags and routes of various levels of difficulty. Most of the routes is located in the northern part of the country.


Nightlife in Hungary, especially in Budapest and in the are near Lake Balaton, is very diverse. No matter if one is looking only for a place to party until dawn or if they prefer a more sophisticated way of spending the evening, they will find it in Budapest. Bars, pubs, discos, jazz clubs, rock bars and nightclubs are abundant. For enthusiasts of other forms of entertainment, Budapest has many theatres, cinemas and venues where one can enjoy a classical music concerts.


Besides activities mentioned above, other popular ways of spending time are: horse riding, bird watching, cycling, relaxing in thermal springs and wine tasting.