forint (HUF)

Official languages



GMT + 1

Calling code


Area codes

Budapest: 1, Debrecen: 52, Miskolc: 46, Pécs: 72, Gyr: 96

Internet TLD



Generally shops are open Monday–Friday from 10am to 6 or 7pm. On Saturdays shops are open from 10am to 1:30pm. Some shops are also open on Sundays.

National holidays

New Year’s Day January 1
1848 Revolution Day March 15
Easter movable feast
Labour Day May 1
Whit Monday movable feast
National Day August 20
Republic Day October 23
All Saint’s Day November 1
Christmas December 25 & 26

National dish

pörkölt – traditional goulash
libamáj zsírjában – cold goose-liver
hortobágyi palacsinta – pancakes with meat
bográcsgulyás – stew-pot goulash made from beef and vegetables
jókai bableves – bean soup
halászlé – fish soup
töltött paprika – peppers stuffed with meat and rice
bakonyi sertésborda – fried pork cutlet with mushroom sauce
lescó kolbasszal – letcho, a dish made from peppers, onions, tomatoes and sausage
rétes – a pastry or strudel filled with cottage cheese, raisins, cherries and apples


Hungary’s electricity runs on 220V/50Hz.


Citizens of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland do not need visa for entry into Hungary (for stays of up to 90 days). Only a valid passport is required. Citizens of Schengen states need only an identity card.

Useful numbers

Ambulance: 104
Emergency: 112
Fire Brigade: 105
Police: 107