euro (EUR)

Official languages

Maltese, English


GMT + 1


Calling code



Area codes

Area codes are not required. All numbers begin with 21.


Internet TLD



Shop opening hours are fitted around the afternoon siesta. Generally shops are open from 9am-1pm and from 5pm-7pm. Most shops are closed on Sundays.


National holidays

New Year’s Day       January 1
Feast of St. Paul’s Shipwreck   February 10
Feast of St. Joseph   March 19
Freedom Day   March 31
Labor Day   May 1
Sette Giugno   June 7
 Feast of St. Peter & St. Paul   June 29
Assumption Day   August 15
Victory Day   September 8
Independence Day   September 21
Immaculate Conception   December 8
Republic Day   December 13
Christmas   December 25


National dish

Fenek – rabbit served in a sauce with garlic, onions, wine and herbs

Pastizzi – savory cheese pastries

Aljotta – fish soup with onions and herbs

Kawlata – pork soup with vegetables

Soppa tal-armla (Widow’s soup) – vegetable soup with Maltese cheese

Ravjul – Maltese ravioli with risotta cheese

Timpana – baked macaroni with meat, vegetables, cheese and eggs

Brungiel – stuffed eggplants

Kapunata – Maltese ratatouille

Bragioli – beef olives



Malta’s electricity runs on 240V/50Hz. The plugs (UK style) need to have 3 pins. Converters can be bought at the airports and in local shops.



Every EU citizen is entitled to travel freely around the EU countries with the National Identirty Card. No special formalities are required to enter Malta by an EU citizen.


Useful numbers

Ambulance: 196

Emergency: 112

Fire Brigade: 199

Police: 191