Russian Black Sea coast is very popular among tourists. There are both sandy and pebble beaches. The most popular resort of this region is Sochi. There are also numerous beaches on lakes and rivers.


Russian cities offer countless tourist attractions. In Moscow the most interesting places include the Red Square with the Kremlin, the neighbouring St Basil’s Cathedral and Lenin’s Mausoleum. Also, St. Petersburg is worth visiting. It is a beautiful rather Western-style city, completely different than the capital.

Hiking and rock climbing

There are countless hiking and climbing trails and routes in Russia, for example in the Urals, Caucasus, the Valley of the Geysers or near the Lake Baikal.


Skiing in Russia can be a great adventure thanks to the numerous exhilarating slopes. In some areas skiing is possible all year round. The most popular ski destinations are Krasnaya Polyana near Sochi, Mount Elbrus, Mount Cheget and the Volen Sport Park near Moscow.

Water sports

The Russian Black Sea coast, lakes and rivers are perfect for water sports enthusiasts. Popular water activities include sailing, kayaking and rafting.


Fishing in Russia requires a fishing license. Licenses can be obtained from local authorities (30 euro per day). One can fish for carp, salmon, trout, pike, perch, bream, gudgeon, bullhead, roach and many other species.


Russian major cities such as St. Petersburg and Moscow have a vibrant nightlife and dozens of nightspots where people can relax, eat, drink or dance. There are discos, bars, pubs, casinos and clubs. Russia is also well-known for its many theatres, operas and ballets.


Besides the activities mentioned above, other popular activities include horse riding, cycling, dog sledging andI ice skating.