There are tens of beautiful beaches in the Turkish coast, however, only few have lifeguards. Many of the best beaches are owned by hotel chains and then visitors have to pay a day fee. Despite these drawbacks, everyone should be able to find a suitable beach for them – sandy or pebble, long and crowded or small and sheltered. Sunbathing topless is allowed. The most popular and famous beaches of Turkey include Blue Lagoon, Patara Beach and Ölüdeniz. About 260 Turkish beaches were awarded the Blue Flag.


Turkish architecture is unique as it blends elements of different cultures together. Its location between two continents makes it possible to see Asian and European cultures in one country. In Ankara one will find numerous ruins from the Roman period, a fantastic Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, the Citadel of Ankara and Mausoleum of Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish Republic. Antalya can boasts a beautiful harbour, a Roman aqueduct and several mosques. But the greatest number of interesting sights is to be found in Istanbul. The most recommended places in the capital include Hagia Sophia (the principal mosque of Istanbul since 1453), the Grand Bazaar (market one of its kind) and the Underground Cistern. Visitors can enter mosques anytime except at prayer times (half hour after a call to prayer from the minarets). Before stepping onto the carpet in a temple visitors have to remove their shoes. Shorts or short skirts are not a proper dress for visiting a mosque. It is recommended to wear conservative clothing (long trousers, long sleeves and headscarves or hoodies for women).


Turkey is becoming more and more popular hiking destination and thus a number of marked hiking trails is growing. The Lycian Way, 500-kilometer long trail from Fethiye to Antalya, is a must for hikers. Other popular trails are located in the area of Mount Ararat (the highest mountain in Turkey) and Cappadocia.


Turkey is not a top skiing destination that comes to mind. However, thanks to the mountainous lay of the land and cooler climate in some areas, it is possible to go skiing in Turkey. In some regions skiing season can last even 6 months but usually it starts in December and ends in April. The most popular ski resorts include Uldag in Bursa (northwestern Turkey), Erzurum in Palandöken with the longest ski trail (eastern Turkey) Saklikent near Antalya (southwestern Turkey) and Elmadag near Ankara (central Turkey). Generally, all ski centers offer good skiing facilities and one can easily choose destination most suitable for their skills and budget.

Water sports

Watersports are very popular in Turkey and thus there are numerous opportunities for watersports lovers. Tourists can try canoeing, rafting and kayaking in the rivers and lakes. The Mediterranean, the Aeagan and the Black Sea offer even more opportunities such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, jet skiing, sea kayaking, yachting and parasailing. Crystal clear water, sunny weather and friendly locals make Turkey a great holiday destination.


Amateur fishers do not need any license for fishing in open (not restricted, non-military) areas as long as they use amateur equipment. The most popular fishing areas include Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. If one intends to catch some big species, it is recommended to fish after sunset and not close to the tourist areas.

Rock climbing

Turkey is a mountainous country and thus offers great possibilities for rock climbers. One of the best climbing destination is Mount Ararat (5 137 m; the highest mountain in Turkey). However, rock climbers who intend to climb Ararat will need a special permission from the Turkish Mountaineering Club. Other popular destination include Mount Erciyes (3 917 m) and the Rize Kackar (3 932 m). besides the highest peaks there are about 1000 sport climbing routes and many centers with indoor climbing walls in Turkey. There are also numerous possibilities for novice climbers.


Nightlife in Turkish towns and cities (especially in the tourist areas) can be described as diverse, extremely vibrant and one of the liveliest in Europe. Istanbul, Bodrum and other cities frequently visited by tourists have number of bars, cosy cafes and rave nightclubs. More traditional way of spending an evening is visiting a meyhane (a Turkish taverna), going to a bar with live Turkish folk music or attending an oriental show with bellydancers and singers. Many bars and clubs remain open until 4am or even later.


Turkey offers thousands of attractions and numerous ways of spending your holidays in an unforgettable manner. Besides activities mentioned above, visitors could also try: smoking a nargile in a traditional café, having a Turkish bath (a steam bath), watching oil wrestling and flying in a hot-air balloon. There is also a plenty of more obvious but not less adventurous options such as horseback riding, bird watching, mountain biking or playing golf.