Albanian coast, with many beautiful, long, sandy beaches, is one of the main attractions of the country. Albania, which is not a popular destination yet, has advantage over other popular Mediterranean countries as even the finest beaches in the south are not overcrowded.


Fascinating ancient towns of Butrint, Gjirokastër and Berat (UNESCO World Heritage Sites) are definitely worth visiting. However, there are also many other attractions in the cities of Durres, Cier, Sarande, Lezhe, Pogradec and Kruje. These include ruins dating from the Roman and Byzantine periods as well as the relics of the communist past. The capital has many art galleries, museums and historical buildings.


Hiking in the magnificent Albanian mountains is a great way to explore the unspoiled nature. The best routes can be found in the Albanian Alps (in the north) and in the Tomorri National Park (in the southeast).


Magnificent mountain ranges cover about 70% of Albania’s territory. Many of these areas are covered with snow in winter and thus, can be a great skiing destination. However, great may not be a perfect word. The Albanian ski resorts are not well-developed and do not offer the same standards as, for example, the ones in Italy or Austria. But still, skiing in Albania can be an unforgettable experience.

Water sports

Water sports are very popular on Albanian coast, as well as in the rivers and lakes. Albanian waters offer ample opportunities for all kinds of water sports – from such obvious as swimming to more extreme as white water rafting.


A license for sport fishing is not required. Fishing for the ohrid trout, sturgeons, sharks and bivalve mussels is prohibited. Sport anglers cannot use gear designed for professional fishing. The maximum daily limit is 3 kg of fish.

Rock climbing

Albania offers pretty good rock climbing possibilities, however, is still unexplored and undeveloped. The best areas are located near Tirana, Kruje and in the Kukes area but, in fact, climbing is possible in all districts.


The nightlife is especially vibrant in Tirana and in the coastal towns. There are numerous bars, discos and nightclubs and every party lover will find a place that will suit their taste.